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Range Pricing

All our range buckets contain 100% quality range balls from Volvik and Mizuno!

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Club Fitting

Your practice time might be wasted if your clubs are not right for you. Give yourself the peace of mind to know that you are getting results with you game by getting fit up for the right set for your game.

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David Zahra is a Qualified PGA Professional with many years of experience to ensure that you get the right clubs for you. Our Mizuno fitting cart and Flightscope launch monitor means that we have all the information needed to get the right fit for you.

Pro Shop

Come and check out the latest in golf equipment and apparel from some of the leading brands

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Our Team

The 19th Driving Range, formally known as Penrith Driving Range has been born again with a new team dedicated to providing our customers with the best on offer to help you practice and improve your game.

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